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T H O U G H T S // Why I'm Taking a Break From Blogging

Oh, friends. How I have been dreading this moment... for weeks, for months even. But the time has come that I must share: I will be taking a break and stepping back from blogging. This could be for a few weeks, a few months, forever - of that, I am not sure.

Though I have been blogging since the summer of 2012 and still recently blogging, my heart hasn't been in it for a long time now. I started this blog as a creative outlet and a way to meet new people and though it was creative for a bit, it recently has felt like much more of a burden - something that I feel obligated to do - and I will be the first one to admit that I do not like that feeling.

Coming to this decision wasn't easy for me, as I don't like quitting or giving up. But like the quote above says, the blog is feeling heavy and I just need to let it go for now. 

I've neglected you: You all have been wonderful and truly a blessing in my life. One of the reasons I am leaving the blog is because of the fact that I've been so obsessed with what to post and how to make it "good enough" and "positive" and not depressing and sad, that I've neglected keeping up with you and all your wonderful blog posts. I want to dedicate more time to reading your amazing blogs instead of dwelling on the pressure of keeping my own.

I've neglected Instagram: This may sound silly, but Instagram is my thing. I love IG and I find it much more inspiring than blogging. My feed is full of beautiful pictures and artists and friends. IG inspires me not only to share bits of my life, but also to take and share my photography - which is really important to me. Not to mention, it's instant. I can be talking to you basically in real time  and that's the connection I was searching for when I started this blog. But, it's not here - it's on IG. Because of the pressures here, I've neglected keeping up with your lives. I log into IG and see posts about people being engaged and totally missed the fact that they were proposed to. I don't like that feeling, so I want to dedicate more time to something I love: photography and friends.

I have no job, still: I lost my job at the end of June so it really is imperative for me to dedicate more time into finding a meaningful lifelong career.

I have health issues:  If you might recall, I talked about a possible health issue in this post. At the time, I didn't know what was going on, but I do know now that I have a large cyst on my ovary. Right now I am treating it with medication, but the doctor is pushing for surgical intervention because he thinks there might be other underlining issues. For my physical health, it is important to me to dedicate the time for rest and relaxation, not stress.

My closet shop is doing well: I recently opened a closet shop called Fawn+Feather on IG and it has taken off. I am so grateful for this and really, really enjoy having this little shop so I would like to dedicate more time to seeing where this goes.

I'm just not feeling it: Like I mentioned previously, I am just not feeling it. The more I think about this blog, the more I feel pressured to perform and I do not like that feeling. With everything going on in my personal life, I want to try the best I can to surround myself with positivity and friendship.

So, for now - I am signing off from this blog. Thank you all for everything you have done for me since I started blogging: all the sponsorships (all sponsors who are currently up will stay up indefinitely), the encouragement, and the kind comments. Each and every word is appreciated and will not be forgotten. 

 I have decided to dedicate much more time to a platform I really enjoy and that inspires me, which is Instagram - so please follow and keep in touch with me there (@ohemmadeer). 

All my love,

C R U S H // List

You guys - it's been too long and for that I'm sorry! I've had so much going on in my personal life with my health and continuously searching for employment in this tiny area - that I've been putting my blog on the back burner. So, I've made an extra long crush list this week. I know that doesn't make up for it, but maybe it will help a little bit?

These triangle druzy earrings.
These studded Jeffrey Campbell flats.
This gorgeous art print.
And I'll take an order of these apples please...
This beautiful hand print.
In honor of the year's first snowfall (here) // These snowflake leggings (and all other snowflake leggings!)
Just needed to share because of my forever love for Kurt Vonnegut.
This collar *swoon*
I'll be asking my next employer if I can use one of these ball chairs.
Because birch is my favorite tree - I must have this phone case.
Your weekly cute // source unknown - found on Pinterest.
The simplicity and organic nature of this desk.

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H O M E . S W E E T . H O M E // IKEA 2014 Catalog Must-Haves

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I just received my IKEA 2014 catalog in the mail and oh my, am I ever swooning! I instantly fell head over heels for the all the new prints and color combinations. Basically you can just give me the entire Stockholm collection, okay? Thanks.

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